Chauffeur services will be put to use for almost any situation - from celebrating a birthday to assisting disabled people to meetings.

Chauffeur services aren't just a service for people who are affluent, though many people have that impression. People in all demographics require help on occasion to access their desired destination.

Qualities of a Good Chauffeur Service

All chauffeur services aren't created equal. Certainly all such services can get you from point A to point B. But you want to get to your destination in comfort, safety and reliably.

Top Quality Vehicles

The best chauffeur service delivers quality vehicles. They won't maintain business very long should their car gives out roadside and leaves the customers left behind. They must always keep their fleet of cars well serviced and maintained frequently. Additionally, they'll replace more mature vehicles with brand new ones as the company is able to afford it. Furthermore, the service will be sure to have an operating cellular phone and very good reception just in case the mobile is ever needed while travelling.


When a person's life is in someone else's control, essential safety is a main concern. Drivers will keep to the rules of the road and drive very carefully. They'll acquire any sort of chauffeur-related education obtainable in order to control larger vehicles, such as limousines. Additionally, they'll keep up with the area's codes for chauffeur licenses together with other necessary certifications.


Whenever people retain the services of a chauffeur service, the driver needs to turn up at their selected place inside a prompt matter. A quality of a good chauffeur includes appearing at the location as promised. A chauffeur plays a significant part in ensuring that an event runs without problems. If the chauffeur shows up late the trip might be significantly impacted. Punctuality is key to a worthwhile chauffeur service.


Fantastic client service is the mainstay of a classy chauffeuring business. Coaching chauffeurs how to properly open cars doors as well as help people out of the automobile is a sure way to show customers amity. On top of that, presenting them wanted privateness and being conscious to their general demands is another way to demonstrate politeness. What that presents to clients in the auto itself can be another degree of excellent service. Particular items consist of a bottle of wine, playing music they request or having accessories like chewing gum, mints or even just providing a sewing kit if necessary.

Know The Way

As driving will be the principal duty, a driver must be sure to understand where they're headedd to. A principal characteristic of a good chauffeur is being quite well-versed in the roads that are travelled. On top of that, the driver should find out about localized sites along with places which make close by towns and cities special. The driver should be ready to help answer concerns that customers can have regarding forthcoming functions or places to eat. Cars Exec is an example of a UK chauffeur service that matches all of the above criteria.

Differences Between a Driver and a Chauffeur

At first glance, it appears as though "chauffeur" is just an aesthetic way to say "driver" — however that is not exactly correct. Yes, chauffeurs and drivers each allow you to get where you will need to travel, but the distinction regarding the two is more than a matter of vocabulary – it's a question of service.

Taking Pride

A chauffeur takes pride regarding his job. His uniform is crisp. He carries himself with understated pride. The chauffeur's car is spotless and stocked with all the luxuries you'd expect.


Your chauffeur will invariably be reputable and confidential. You are an important person and you have a lot going on. Require a private telephone call in the back of the vehicle? Understand that the phone call remains confidential.

When you're making a decision between a driver and a chauffeur, you need to contemplate one thing: "Do I simply wish to get somewhere, or do I want to be treated to a safe and relaxing trip?"

Service Quality

A driver exists to undertake one action: get you from one spot to another spot in one piece.

Like the chauffeur's sophisticated label suggests, this man is a lot more than the fellow behind the wheel. He's a consummate pro who is not simply going to ensure you get exactly where you require to be, but also smartly and luxuriously.

In contrast to a driver, a chauffeur is on the job to serve you, not simply to shift you around as if you were baggage (though he can carry your suitcases should you wish). The chauffeur will get the door for you. He will take the scenic road should you want to see the scenery, or he will take you right to your appointment with plenty of time to spare. Contemplating grabbing a coffee before going to your destination? A chauffeur will be pleased to drive you to the best cafe around. The chauffeur picks up all of this in his training to become a licensed driver.


Cars Exec chauffeurs always obtain comprehensive schooling well before they get behind the wheel. They learn much more than the regulations of the road. Safety is a high emphasis for a chauffeur, who knows to drive defensively as opposed to aggressively.