The UK is an autonomous region in Europe which consists of some other regions specifically Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland all show claims for being varied. In concert the UK comprises more tradition, per square mile, than just about any other place, points of exceptionally beautiful countryside, a coast that is awesome along with many of the most rich, multicultural cities anywhere.

No one indulges in knocking England more than the English, but Britain is a terrific country to visit and experience. Regardless if you are a resident or tourist the country provides a never-ending ability to delight, appeal and enthuse. There are countless cities of interest to visit, but Bristol is especially enchanting. This country has always maintained a historical past to be proud of, combined with a glorious distinctiveness — from shore to hillsides, festivals to great foods — with few parallels. Summer gives you the hottest climate and the least rainfall.

UK Airports

London Heathrow Airport, which observed a massive 45 million travellers in 2017, has long been the busiest airport in the United Kingdom. Gatwick will be a distant second and Newcastle Airport will be ninth place. A few of the noteworthy international airports in the UK are listed below:

  • London Southend Airport
  • Gatwick Airport
  • London City Airport

In addition to the international airports there are many renowned airports across the UK which are well suited for intranational travel.

  • London Heathrow Airport
  • Manchester Airport
  • London Stansted Airport
  • Bristol Airport Airport
  • Exeter Airport

Driving in England

A large number of locations in Britain are reachable by train or bus. But bear in mind, buses and trains fees are thought to be among the most pricey in all of Europe — travel has the potential to use up a considerable slice of one's budget. Consequently you will likely do well to try driving.

To be able to drive in England you need a driving license that includes an international driving permit. You are required to additionally retain proof of ownership or a rental contract in your auto, and also any insurance forms.

See to it that you drive on the left-hand side! Distances on road marks are given in miles. Highways between towns are busier between 7:30-9:00am and 5-7pm when people are moving to and from employment or university on weekdays. The majority rental cars typically include GPS but nevertheless keep the right map at hand.

You might have to pay a parking meter to park your car, so keep a supply of coins handy. Quite a few cities offer park and ride programs, that permit you to ride a bus from an out-of-city car park into the city centre. Different cities provide parking services in which you pick up a paper at the travel office, fill in your parking duration and after that show it on your vehicle's dash.

Airport Taxi Transfers

To get the highest quality travelling adventure make sure you pass up driving on your own and instead utilize a hire. As a substitute to making due with a common taxi, give thought to being on the road in class with a chauffeur taxi service. This is a commonly used choice in England, predominantly for airport transfers. A good Bristol chauffeur airport transfer service, such as Cars Exec, includes the majority or all of the below.

  • Enjoyable trip with 4G WiFi
  • An expert smartly dressed driver
  • An adaptable service to allow for late changes to arrivals and destinations
  • Assistance with your bags
  • Airline flight monitoring
  • Prior awareness of the destination and return requirements
Bristol Airport

Popular England Destinations

One of the most visited countries in the world, Britain presents almost unlimited options of things to experience and do. This small but central country is laden with remarkable history, delightful cities, and profound cultural traditions. Historic sites can be found at any turn, from age-old Roman sites to village centers dating as far back as the Middle Ages.

Lake District National Park

Covering some 920 square miles, the Lake District National Park is a must-visit destination for travelers to England. With 12 of the country's largest lakes and more than 2,200 miles of rights of way waiting to be explored, there's little wonder the region continues to inspire, with its magnificent views and scenery straight out of a painting. Other things to do include visiting the park's many fells, including Scafell Pike (3,180 feet), the highest mountain in England; lovely little towns and villages such as Grasmere; as well as boat excursions across Lake Windermere and Ullswater.

Canterbury Cathedral

Located in the heart of the historic city that bears its name, Canterbury Cathedral (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is home to the Archbishop of Canterbury and is the cradle of English Christianity. It all started when St. Augustine converted the pagan Anglo Saxons here in 598 when he became the first bishop. But there's much more to this beautiful medieval city than its cathedral. Canterbury is also a popular cultural and entertainment destination with great shopping, galleries, and cafes, as well as attractions such as those focused on Chaucer's medieval England and the city's Roman past.

Popular Bristol Attractions

Bristol is a quirky British city with beautiful hilly vistas and plenty of historic sights to explore. Anyone interested in ships will have a great time aboard Brunel's SS Great Britain, the world's first great ocean liner, and the Matthew, a replica of the ship upon which John Cabot sailed to America in the 15th century. The graceful Clifton Suspension Bridge is another must-see.

Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral

Originally the church of the Saint Augustine Abbey, Bristol Cathedral took close to 600 years to reach its present form. The east end, superbly rebuilt in the Decorated style by Abbot Knowle, dates from between 1297 and 1331. The central tower and transepts were completed in the 16th century, and the nave and towered west facade are from the 19th century. The church was elevated to cathedral status in 1543. Among the interesting features of the cathedral is the rectangular chapter house, with its late Norman decoration of zigzags, fish scale patterns, and interlacing. Also look for the Great Gatehouse, built in 1171 as the gatehouse for the St. Augustine Abbey. It has early examples of the use of pointed arches.

Llandoger Trow

The famous triple-gabled, half-timbered Llandoger Trow building in King Street, built in 1665, is where Alexander Selkirk is said to have told the story of his shipwreck to Daniel Defoe, who immortalized the tale in Robinson Crusoe. The Llandoger Trow was also the model for the Admiral Benbow, the inn frequented by Long John Silver in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. Carefully restored in 1992, the building is linked by an underpass to the Theatre Royal, home of the Bristol Old Vic and the oldest playhouse in England to have had its stage in continuous use.